Sunday, June 2, 2013

This Weekend in the Garden



Child Gardener hard at work shoveling!

Planting beans!

Adult Gardener #1 posing.


  1. Peas! Yum! They are one of my main motivations to get at least one vegetable box in the back (or front) yard.

  2. wow, fully grown radishes, neatly spaced, with bare earth around them. the seeds i plant don't do that. i have some leaves here and there, amongst what i assume are weeds.

    and peas... i have them, though not as tall, and no pods on the vines. just the vines, again, amongst stuff i didn't plant.

    i need a new source of seeds, that are better able to defend their turf.

    wow, blogspot is some site. it goes through this whole sign in through another site process, asks about using my name, and then publishes as "anonymous". wtf.